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Sep 14 2016 07:29 PM
Sep 2016
Posted By: Tsinga.6857

Hello all, long time GW resident looking for a guild. Previously I ran a guild of all IRL friends and people we'd known since the first GW. No one but myself out of the group plays anymore, so I'm looking for a guild to join cause a guild of one person is lonely.

Mainly, I'm looking for a guild that's laid back, fun, but active and occasionally throws down in WvW. I'm based in Central Time, but usually when I'm not working or sleeping, I'm available to play and can be found online. If it makes a difference, I'm maxed out on crafting in all but Scribe, and I have quite a few alts, but my mains are Druid, Dragonhunter, Engi, and Reaper/Necro.

Sep 08 2016 09:39 AM
Sep 2016
Posted By: kayoszx.7958

Hey there just like to introduce myself..


I'm Andy, I used to play on JQ around 2-3 years ago. Then I went back to EU to find my feet within the GvG scene, "ded" I know right. Also to improve my self as a commander during the EU Timezone playing when it was at its busiest after touring some servers on EU servers, and leading my own guild for a while, hardcore raiding, raid leading, open and closed raids. After a few months I found myself unable to lead my guild, or raid at a hardcore level. I decided to come back to the server where I started my WvW journey.


I play mainly during EU timezone from 7pm UK time till around 11pm  or midnight UK time. I will be looking to start commanding when I am online and playing during these times.


Some of you may remember me, I did command a fair few times during NA timezone. Its good to be back :)!





Aug 24 2016 12:47 PM
Aug 2016
Posted By: Kluu.6943

i started playing again after buying HoT and i was wondering what are the major wvw guilds now and i am looking to find somewhere i can fit in 

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