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Aug 29 2014 05:24 AM
Aug 2014
Posted By: Quasar

Hello JQ community,

I love WvW as much as you do and am currently in the process of evaluating a transfer from EU to NA with the goal to find a new well organized, competitive, sweet sweet home.
A place where there is an heavy focus in WvW, where maps aren't lonely deserts but instead allies swarms everywhere during all day, a place where I don't have to fend off hordes of assaulters with a pointy stick all alone in a naked tower where all the siege disappeared because no one cares about refreshing, where everyone goes defend every camp, even dollies.... well you get the picture.

I am not much into raiding, sometimes I enjoy it but it's not my primary focus, I prefer small scale WELL organized combat, and PvP.

I would be most active either starting at 01.00 AM CST or 03.00PM CST (although my ability to login varies a lot, that range is most likely to happen frequently).



- would I find what I am looking for on Jade Quarry?

- how are the queues in the range of hours I would be active?

- are there any guilds with matching goals who may want a new guildie?

be honest uh ;)



Aug 23 2014 12:25 PM
Aug 2014
Posted By: Hoonani.5714

Hi, JQ! I just transferred last night. This should be my first return to JQ after transferring off almost a year ago.


Around 2012 I played with [ESOL]. Then I joined [FOO] until about summer 2013 when I transferred to Sanctum of Rall. There I joined [WARD] which then merged with a couple [Aco] to form [ONE]. During my time in SoR, I briefly played with the SEA guild [SONG] while attending NA raid with [ONE]. After SoR died, [ONE] moved to Fort Aspenwood then Sea of Sorrows for WvW season 2. When [ONE] disbanded, I joined my current guild [NS] to continue doing competitive GvGs.


Favorite class & build: Destroyer warrior but I have to play shouts in raid.

Favorite in-game skin: Super Warhorn - not for the look but the weird sound it makes.

Timezones: Primarily NA but I sometimes zergdog in the SEA and EU timezones depending on my schedule.

Favorite commander: [IRON]'s Wrex from SoR.

Hardest fight: Reinforced Gate.

Current games: GW2, CS:GO, Planetside 2, and Tropico 5.


Feel free to ask questions. 

Aug 22 2014 11:58 AM
Aug 2014
Posted By: Shadechidna.9153

rawr, sup. You'll see me in the battlefield :3 been gone since about a month into launch wheee

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