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Sep 15 2014 04:39 AM
Sep 2014
Posted By: dvdev

Hi guys im a returning player and i want to transfer to jq but its always full :(

please need some info about timezones to check or anything that helps

Sep 14 2014 10:08 PM
Sep 2014
Posted By: Aerial Melodies.4938

Good day, fellow Quarrians! I'm Cat, and no I did not make five different eles. You're thinking of someone else, perhaps?


I originally came from Decisive Actions where I learned to eat food and role play on Quaggan Island before anet so cruelly removed the fun. Some french guy killed that guild but we stayed friends and moved around where I played a lowly staff/staff guardian spamming one for days. I became homeless for a while until NS came back and took me in. This is my third time playing on JQ. I took some holidays to bring hope and peace to T2 and T3 but now I'm back to defeat the blobs. Taggin' n baggin' is the best part about being in my new blob guild, NS. ZERG DOG


The other NS nerds won't admit it, but the best legendary is 100% the pony bow... they all have one, they just won't own up to it. Second best is Kraitkin, which we all are required to have or we get gkicked. :(


We're bringing back the sylvari meta because it's our favorite race. The Charr is just a disguise, please ignore.

Sep 14 2014 09:48 PM
Sep 2014
Posted By: garull.8956

Bonjour, JQ! This is my fourth time transferring back to JQ (XD) after transferring back from SoS like my fellow guildie Charles for the seasons! I figured that I haven't introduced myself properly to this community that I've been in for awhile, so here I am :D
One of my primary previous guilds was none other than Decisive Action, where I soon disbanded and then joined the proud and famous Strike Force! XD I ran together with them until I actually led a few GvGs for them!  After that, I decided to play casually and decided to move on  due to IRL stuff. But once it was over, I found myself wanting only to GvG more so I joined [NS] to be competitive! Together, we defeated all the big guys like [EP], [Ark], [PYRO], [Agg] and [TA], crowning us #1 GvG! :D
But T2 slowly died in terms of activities so we decided to move to JQ for the fights as we have been a part of JQ before, so here we are!!
Favorite class & build: Staff Necro but I'm asked to run Guard for our guild raids.
Favorite in-game skin: Twilight - Other than it sharing name with one of my favourite novels, the Twilight also has stars and shit which is super cool! XD
Timezones: Predominantly EU as I am French but I play in NA timezone as I play with NS.
Favorite commander: Napoleon! (Vive la France!! :D)
Hardest fight: Waterloo.... we lost too much there :(
Current games: GW2, Euro Truck Simulator, Dota 2

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