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Apr 11 2014 01:53 PM
Apr 2014
Posted By: Chimera Lycia.4269

Moved to JQ from HoD maybe a year ago.

I wandered about looking at guilds for awhile till i found my dysfunctional friends at [SG] (thanks Mystic)

IRL I am a research scientist who specializes in biophysical chemistry and national security (the only overlap there is WMDs)

In game I try and play all classes but my main is Ele.  I spent most of my time trying to ensure Mance and Kraslin are nice and clean with all the water i throw on them.

I like to laugh and joke, so most of my posts will most likely have some humor or sarcasm in them.

See you on a BL, unless you are Stonewall, because his computer sucks.

Apr 09 2014 08:00 AM
Apr 2014
Posted By: Paper.2367

Hey guys, I'm Paper. I'm 21, from Ohio, in college for Information Technology as a Multimedia option which means I'm looking primarily to work in Web Design. I listen to just about all music primarily focusing on Japanese/Korean Pop and Metal. My favorite groups are Perfume, AKB48, Girl's Day, BABYMETAL, Periphery, and Crossfaith.
I've played games since I was like 5 when I received my PS1 (yea, I was a bit late, didn't grow up with NES/SNES). I played Guild Wars 1 from the release of Factions til the release of GW2. Some of my favorite games are Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy X, Halo 3, and GW1. So my taste is all over the place.
I've been playing GW2 on Jade Quarry since release and am a member of Serenity's Ascension [Rise] (I don't think we have many members from Rise on this site). I've typically been pretty quiet on JQ because I liked the comfort of my guild and running dungeons.
In the past I've been an infrequent WvW'er who made little impact and input in WvW, but recently I've been putting more time into it and being more vocal about strategy. You may have found me in map chat as Kashino Yuka, which is my Ranger, and by no means my main. I main Thief, but find it difficult to zerg with til I put the venom build together. I'm also leveling my Ranger so that's why I've been on her the most. I'm looking to become an active name in JQ by making my mark in WvW.
My character names don't really have a theme to them, but I go by Paper, as that's my usual online handle (and my main is Paper in Latin). 
Charta (Thief)
Guarding The Booty (Guardian)
Kawaei Rina (Mesmer)
Kashino Yuka (Ranger)
Nickelodeon (Warrior)
Pon Pon Pon (Engi)
Papyrophobia (Necro)
[ele not named]

I'll leave you guys with a video I made for April Fools Day. Enjoy!

Apr 07 2014 10:55 AM
Apr 2014
Posted By: Eledhan.3827


I'm a soon to be 80, just getting back into the game after a year long break. 

wanna get into WvW as a roamer / scout but need a lot of training. If someone could point me towards some good learning resources i would be grateful!!!

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