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Apr 09 2016 08:19 PM
Apr 2016
Posted By: naesjasper

Hey o/, do you guys help server transfer? I'm on SoS and looking to get to T1 but with help tho. I play 3-5times a week during OCX/SEA and NA (sometimes).

Mar 27 2016 09:30 PM
Mar 2016
Posted By: echosound.5490

'Ello my name is Willow~ As the topic suggests, I'm not new to JQ. I started my gw2 adventure back on TC almost three years ago, but after about six months and some really stupid commanders, my friend on JQ managed wrangle me over. I've been with y'all since then, which is about three months before WvW spring tourney 2014 started. My first WvW guild was Karma and moved to KO (Karma Offensive). When KO stopped being a thing, I was then recruited to ZoD. Now most of the core ZoDdies still around are in hS, including myself. When I play in WvW I mostly main Necromancer, but sometimes I'll swap out for Warrior, Elementalist, and I'm trying to learn Mesmer. 


So hi. That's the briefest history of my time on JQ and what I like to do. I've been with and seen a lot of stuff, and I'm still here still through the current lull, albeit now that I have a new job not as much as I'd like. As for a bit of personal info, I'm on the east coast and I'm actually dun dun dunnn a woman lmao. 

Mar 16 2016 08:30 PM
Mar 2016
Posted By: Dezarys.1372



I am Sir Solovic. I am not a new face to the Quarry, but it has been awhile and I may have become a relic of the past. During my time away from the Quarry, I was able to hone my skills but more importantly, my very elaborate and alluring mustache. Many have drooled to obtain a stache as fantastic as min- oh what the fuck am I doing.


Waz gud JQ. I am back and looking for people to hop back on this old school train. I transferred here about 3 years ago from BG with MERC back in the day as one of their main commanders. After some time I had formed the Guild Oakvale [Vale], which some of you may remember, and built the guild up. We then transferred to AR, eventually moving to CD, then SoS and down to Ehmry Bay. Between our move from CD to SoS we moved to SBI, for like a literal minute, then transferred back. Now we've ended our journey here in JQ and intend to make this our permanent home for the remaining time that we play this game.


Long story short, we've had our enormous trip and enjoyed it. We're back under the [GODS] name and building ourselves up for OCX/Late NA. If you need a crew holler at me in game. Hello again and I look forward to playing with you all.


- Sir Solovic




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