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Sep 24 2015 09:02 PM
Sep 2015
Posted By: Nigerian

As some of you may remember me, my name is Nigerian...I was one of the prime OCX/SEA and sometimes even NA Commanders on JQ and was fairly known for being one of the most infamous open-field commanders with my old guild [MERC] backing me up...I had commanded for various guilds and played for others like IX, TKG, DI and many other GvG, fight guilds...As some of you may remember I moved to SoS to play for ETA, which at the time was the #1 OCX Fighting guild, we eventually moved to TC and fell apart and after a long needed break I have decided to come back to Gw2 in the hopes of rejoining all my old friends on JQ and I hope you can welcome me back...I'm looking forward to getting back into the game and even my old commanding ways...and I'm keen to see who is still around from ages ago...I'm unsure whether I am currently on JQ, however I will save up and transfer if not...

I look forward to seeing you all again

-Your Old Mate, Nigs

P.S. Ts verification would be sweet :)

Sep 22 2015 04:25 AM
Sep 2015
Posted By: Epi.7954

All, I am going to bring down TS first on 10/01 to update it to the latest version followed by the website for general maintenance and updates. If all goes to plan the whole process should only take about an hour. I will post a reminder here and and on TS as the date gets closer. I am hoping by doing this prior to the expansion release it will mitigate risk associated with the influx of larger numbers upon its release. That is all, you can go back to your coloring now.

Sep 09 2015 12:55 PM
Sep 2015
Posted By: stonewall.9467

enjoy o.O 

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